After being piloted at Duke University for three years, we’re expanding our College Edition of Polished Pebbles for undergraduate female students. To female college students, Polished Pebbles is the mentoring initiative that equips them with the mentors, professional relationships, a safe space to learn and grow personally, affirms their identity, helps them identify opportunities and provides fellowship with other women of color. Young women completing our program are more likely to stay in college and graduate. These young women will be in high demand in the workplace, making valuable contributions in shaping the future workplace and in shaping their future world.

  • Connect with a support network and role models on Duke’s campus and beyond!
  • Maintain a high sense a self as a Duke student through all your triumphs & challenges!
  • Strengthen your communication skills with a variety of audiences including professors, friends, & family!
  • Explore diverse career opportunities, and get career ready!
  • Give back and mentor younger girls!  

Get more information at  |  Social Media: @polishedpebbles  Sign up at the Women’s Center! 

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