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Meet Melan Thomas. As a 12-year old entrepreneur, Melan has been a mentee of Polished Pebbles since she was 10 years old. She participated in the Mommy & Me Entrepreneurship Program during the summer of 2020 with her mom, Jaye. The mentorship and career coaching she received during the program inspired Melan to develop her own business Beauty Glam Nails – a traveling nail polish painting service developed to bring beauty, glam, and makeover services to those who may not be able to make it to the salons. 
Today, Melan is booked for Glam Spa parties across the Chicagoland area and has grown her business to include beauty products and accessories. She is also the author of a coloring book for girls titled Beautiful, Confident, Glam.
Melan has participated in multiple events with Polished Pebbles as a business vendor at events like The Black Women’s Expo, the DuSable Museum’s Juneteenth Celebration, and SocialWorks’ A Night at the Museum.
When she’s not running her own business and launching new products and services, Melan enjoys dancing, cheer, gymnastics, and hip hop.
Read more about her experience as a CEO and Polished Pebbles mentee below.
Q: What is the most valuable thing you learned from Polished Pebbles?
Melan: To rely on yourself in business making. Polished Pebbles is a good mentorship group to help people succeed in business.
Q: How has Polished Pebbles prepared you for your future job?
Melan: Polished Pebbles helped me be able to meet people and showed me more things about being a CEO and giving me opportunities to make my business better.
Q: What is your dream job?
Melan: Owning a nail salon and doing hair and makeup for the stars.
Q: What is your favorite Polished Pebbles memory?
Melan: Participating in the Mommy and Me Program and attending the “Night at the Museum” event as a business vendor with Polished Pebbles.
Learn more about Melan’s business Beauty Glam Nails at www.beautyglamnails.com and follow the business on IG @beautyglamnails2020.

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