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For Less Than $1 A Day, You Can Help Change A Girl's Future




A Safe & Empowering Environment

We have served 30 sites across Chicago with our after-school mentoring program through partnerships with Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Housing Authority, University of Chicago Charter Schools, & Citizens Schools.



A Model Group Mentoring Experience

For the last 5 years, our Second Saturdays program has provided African-American girls with caring mentors from a diverse variety of professionals who are committed to teaching girls critical life and communication skills



Unique, Real-World Experiences

50+ unique, job shadowing opportunities for our girls to practice communication & explore careers at our partners including Bloomingdales, Microsoft Store, Chicago Sky, ThoughtWorks, Nordstrom, and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Over 1000+ Girls Mentored | 400 Volunteer Mentors (Women & Men) | 75 College Interns Mentored
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Support the Polished Pebbles Give and Get Campaign

  • $25 Donation: Provide one Polished Pebbles Career Cardigan to a girl
  • $50 Donation: Provide one Polished Pebbles Career Prep Kit to a girl
  • $75 Donation: Provide one Polished Pebbles Career Cardigan a girl, and receive one as a thank-you
  • $250 Donation: Provide seven Polished Pebbles Career Cardigans to our girls, and receive one as a thank-you

All above donations include cost of shipping and handling.

There are sponsorship opportunities to support the Polished Pebbles Give and Get Campaign. A $500 donation provides 20 Polished Pebbles Career Cardigans to our girls. A $1,000 donation provides 20 Polished Pebbles Career Prep Kits. All sponsors will have their logo included in our newsletter and on social media platforms. There will also be 4 mentoring spots available during National Mentoring Month (January) to volunteer at a site of your choice.

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A Message from Polished Pebbles Founder - Kelly Fair

Instilling confidence in girls to face daily liife challenges by substituting aggressive forms of communications with new problem solving strategies

Thank you for taking the time to visit us on the web. We are in the process of having our website completely redesigned so that we can effectively convey our mission, share the success stories of our programs and the girls that we mentor, and showcase our non-profit and corporate sponsor-partners. I hope that you like what you see in regards to the direction of the new look and feel of Polished Pebbles’ online presence.

While our digital footprint is being enhance, our commitment to our mission remains the same. So much attention has been given to the urgency of the crisis of low-income, urban black boys; however, the effect this crisis has had on adolescent black girls who live in the same neighborhoods has been largely unaddressed. Girls are witnessing and experiencing the same violence in their schools, neighborhoods, and homes as boys. As a means for survival, girls have adopted a “street code” of aggression to protect their reputation and retaliate with fighting and violence when they believe their reputation is threatened.

Polished Pebbles Girls Mentoring Program is a vital solution to this crisis. We provide girls (7-17 years old) with the opportunity of learning the vital life skill of effective communication. Our program instills confidence in girls to face the challenges of daily life by substituting aggressive forms of communicating and problem solving with new strategies that allow them to gain a solid reputation and respect without retaliating. In partnership with local schools, businesses, and over 400 volunteer mentors, we have helped girls exhibit poise, react responsibly as opposed to retaliating, demonstrate assertiveness vs. aggressiveness, identify the difference between class vs. sass, and become polished!

I invite you to get involved with our organization as there are many ways that you can lend a helping hand: become an advocate for mentoring by volunteering with our program or becoming a committed mentor; spread the word about our organization to your family and friends by participating in our social media communities; and make a donation so that we can continue to change the lives of girls. With your help, Together She Will Shine!