For 10 years, Polished Pebbles has addressed and mitigated opportunity gaps for girls as a trusted CPS and CHA vendor. With our new Real Skills, Real Jobs initiative, we have created a curriculum to prepare young women to pursue a career in the trades. In working with our esteemed partners, we are striving to increase girls’ career exposure to and opportunities in trades, as well as provide professional development and mentorship from the many successful women in trades. A career in trades for women is not traditional, but it is time to broaden our horizons and perspective on what success looks like. We must educate our girls on alternative paths to the middle class, and there are high paying, highly rewarding, and highly stable jobs available for them in the trades. Work-based Learning The curriculum for the Real Skills, Real Jobs initiative is modeled after work-based learning–connecting social-emotional learning and leadership development in the classroom to the trades and the career opportunities within the industry. Students will benefit from: 

Polished Pebbles’ career mentoring initiatives boast corporate partnerships with a host of Chicagoland businesses from a variety of sectors. Partners provide job shadow experiences, internships, volunteers, support, and other resources.