We recruit volunteers from the community and local and national businesses to support our mentorship programs. Our volunteers represent men and women of all ages and all walks of life including professionals from various industries such as, education, finance, STEM, construction, hospitality, health care, social services and more.


Provides girls with social-emotional skill building mentoring to divert girls from the school-to-prison pipeline and juvenile justice system. Group sessions meet weekly.

The program focuses on trauma-informed interpersonal communication skills that will allow girls to de-escalate and avoid violent situations (with peers, parents, teachers, etc); skills that support non- violent conflict resolution, including “soft” communication, collaboration, and workplace skills; resume preparation, interview training and practice; and emphasizing the transfer all of lessons to the girls’ homes, schools, communities, and future workplaces.

Each mentoring session is led by a trained, experienced PP Mentoring Facilitator, often supported for group mentoring by one or more of our networks of our current network of more than 200 women mentors. Each semester, the girls will take a field trip to a workplace for a job shadow.


Mark your calendars and join Polished Pebbles for our next Saturday mentoring and networking with Polished Pebbles mentors and girls ages 7-17 from across the Chicagoland.


Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are a valuable resource to support the girls we serve. Whether you are seeking to become a mentor for girls, get involved with an event, or inspire our girls and share your expertise as a guest speaker, we would love to have you volunteer with Polished Pebbles.


Saturday Session Series West Hygiene 101: Keeping it Fresh

November 11, 2023 11:00 am

Saturday Session Series West Hygiene 101: Keeping it Fresh

Join us for our Saturday Session Series West! Saturday Session Programming provides an opportunity for current mentees, community members...

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Saturday Session Series (SOUTH)

August 26, 2023 10:00 am

Saturday Session Series (SOUTH)

⚡️⚡️POLISHED POWER UP | BACK TO SCHOOL POWER UP | MANAGING YOUR EMOTIONS ⚡️⚡️ Join us for our Saturday Session Series! AUG. 26TH (SOUTH). The...

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